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AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

From terrain aware self-driving vehicles to predicting human behavior,
facial recognition, natural language understanding and more...

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

According to McKinsey's State Of Machine Learning And AI,

"Tech giants including  Baidu  and  Google  spent between $20B to $30B on AI in 2016, with 90% of this spend on R&D and deployment, and 10% on AI acquisitions."

Natural Language Processing

The biggest impact will be seen in new approaches in Natural Language Processing (NLP), which will provide the ability to use conversational interfaces to interact with AI tools instead of typing in commands. Beyond NLP, chatbots are learning humans’ emotions. In these cases, companies are analyzing tweets  to find the dependencies between words and emoticons. This helps enhance bot-human relationships.

20% of enterprise will deploy AI to make decisions and provide real-time instructions.

Insight-as-a-service might become a real business in 2018, since up to 80% of firms will rely on insights from outsourced or open providers of data intelligence.

AI & Machine Learning
Data Applied
When machines take charge of routines
Data, Data, Data… More data. Social media, CRMs, customer/employee surveys, call-center logs, news feeds, financial operations and more data sources are becoming harder to follow, analyze and choose appropriate actions. With Rails Reactor and our data capturing and processing capabilities you get actionable insights into your current business and upcoming trends.
AI & Machine Learning
When machines evolve and become more productive
Besides algorithms, AI is applicable to production capacities, transportation (like self-driving cars), and neuromorphic computing. Recent discoveries in this field help hard drives learn how to process data more effectively, eliminating the need for storing and processing data in separate places, imitating how human brains work. If you need help with programming machines that interact with our physical world - let us know.
AI & Machine Learning
When machines take care of their inventors
Caregiving generates massive amounts of data. Besides storing and processing, it’s challenging to analyze and apply insights for better treatment plans based on look-alike cases and for the sake of virtual health assistants. Rails Reactor is your partner for gathering, storing, analyzing and using healthcare data.

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