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From brain surgery simulation for healthcare practitioners to
entertainment focused cosmic adventures...

Augmented and Virtual reality (AR and VR) are reshaping many aspects of our world. As trailblazers in AR/VR open new doors to the most progressive industries, Goldman Sachs Research forecasts $80B Market for AR and VR by 2025.

These changes are enhancing our collective capabilities for managing our real world challenges. Healthcare, Engineering and Ecommerce are the pioneering industries that have adopted AR and VR, leading to innovations in both their business processes and in AR/VR core technologies.

Enhancing Healthcare Safety
Healthcare was and remains a pioneering industry in the use of AR/VR. Medical Students, Doctors, and Researchers can gain skills or practice and test techniques with 3D models. AR/VR has also demonstrated effectiveness in treating phobias and assisting in post surgical recovery, thus decreasing the need for medication in selected cases. Rails Reactor shares your mission in creating safe and effective caregiving methods.
Ecommerce & Retail
Offering More Vibrance to the Purchasing Experience
Online shopping has made great gains over the years and yet still struggles with regards to offering visualizations equivalent or better than in person. How will cosmetics look on my face? Will this product fit its intended space? People want to have a greater sense of actual experience before buying. Virtual product presentations can offer solutions to these questions. Ask us about how we can help enhance your store and product presentations.
Applied - Additional Industries
From Fun to the Purely Practical
AR/VR has both fun and practical applications. The Entertainment category has shown an early and continuing excitement for AR/VR products. From Video Games to 3D shows, to ads and promotions, AR/VR provides immersive experiences that last. When it comes to Engineering and Construction, AR/VR can provide early design and test solutions prior to taking real world risks. Whatever elements of your business require AR/VR, Rails Reactor is here to bring it to life.

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