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Big Data

Big data

From countless data center servers managing terabyte sized databases
to devices collecting billions of data points per second...

Today, Big Data isn’t so much a set volume or velocity of data, but more a concept to describe data volume, velocity and variety to a degree that requires tools and techniques beyond what’s typically thought of as traditional data management methods.

Big Data provides enormous potential for businesses value through behavior analysis of existing or potential customers, for knowing when and how to reach customers in order to win more deals, and provide better services. Twitter uses real time analysis to understand who is tweeting about TV shows in order to gain insights into audiences’ viewing behavior. And then immediately sends this data to TV advertising systems so they can dynamically update TV commercials for the target audience.

Apple's health app ResearchKit collects data about the health and activities of participating individuals and then sends this data to healthcare companies in order to find dependencies between our lifestyle and health. This offers new opportunities to make us healthier.

Big Data brings new opportunities to both businesses and to people everywhere. In order to make a first step towards Big Data you’ll need to answer:

  1. What kind of insights does my business need?
  2. What kind of data is required to get the desired insights?
  3. Where to get and how to track the input data?
  4. Where and how to store the data?
  5. What algorithms are required to transform raw data into desired insights?

Answering these questions might be a struggle and often another viewpoint is useful.

Big Data
The Ongoing Quest for Better Advertising
Big data helps move the advertising industry yet another step forward. With Smart Ads, marketers can reach not only the right people at the right time, but provide effective customized messaging. In doing so, consumers get more appropriated and appreciated messages and marketers optimize return on investment. Rails Reactor has the Machine Learning and AI skills to make this happen.
Big Data
Performance Optimization
From Moneyball to Optimizing Everything
The 2003 Moneyball book, (about how a baseball team created success through statistics), and subsequent movie brought the idea of evidence-based performance optimization into popular awareness. Big Data may provide advanced statistics, but new tools also offer advanced predictive analytics useful for sports teams, medicine, and perhaps your business as well. Rails Reactor knows how to capture data at scale and then make it useful.
Big Data
Public Issues
Better Services through Deeper Understanding
Tools are only useful insofar as they can enhance human needs. Public Policy is increasingly guided by a better understanding of everything from traffic flows to spread of disease, fire prone areas, and more. Weather sensors, traffic monitoring, and all manner of public data exhaust can now be analyzed to improve our environments, and even help us respond to natural or manmade disasters. Rails Reactor has the tools to help.

They Trust Us in Big Data

Rails Reactor is happy to help discover opportunities for your business
using big data technologies. Here’s some examples...

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Web, Highload, Algorithmic, Search Engines

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