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Consumer Services

On-Demand Consumer

From an immediate car ride to finding a babysitter for tonight to the
electrician or plumber scheduled at your convenience...

These consumer needs and wants have always existed, but like so many things, digital tools have made achieving these goals easier than ever before. Our access to goods and services has greatly expanded and done so in ways that make us more efficient than ever. We just don’t necessarily feel it as our personal experiences over time are typically more incremental than revolutionary.

And now?

  • Customer Service is increasingly Everywhere. All the time. Customer Service is now a brand and loyalty channel as much as it is a service function.
  • Customers are active in multiple channels and enjoy customized and personalized experiences.
  • Service delivery may be more ‘on demand’ as well as scheduled. In any case, digital tools enable better management for both businesses and consumers.
  • Finding various services no longer depend on word of mouth and there are many marketplaces expanding the connection possibilities between buyers and sellers.
Consumer Services
Delivery Services and Apps
The Next Wave of Efficiency
The industrial revolution was about manufacturing processes. The information revolution brought new data inputs and analysis capability to understand our world. Together, we now use these technologies to create efficient and on demand services. Next day and even same day delivery has become commonplace. On demand services from babysitting to ridesharing are today’s growth industries. To join this next revolution in Consumer Services, get in touch. We can help.
Consumer Services
Professional Service On Demand
Interconnected & Coordinated Schedules: Happy Customers
The Old Way: Make a phone call, wait while someone checks a schedule so you can get an appointment some time far in the future, write it down on your calendar. Now? While some vestiges of the past remain, increasingly we can tap our apps or just call out our request. The earliest mutually convenient time(s) will be offered and we’ll get reminded when the time comes. Beauty spa treatments, home services, whatever your service app needs, Rails Reactor can build it.
Consumer Services
Self Care and Entertainment
Bringing physical, educational, and emotional balance
Education, fun, music, and healthcare have arrived to our pockets and got well established through all those various and vivid mobile apps. Each is so different and so unique, designed to find the exact match with its specific audiences. Delivering content and processing user’s inputs - the components of any service app - is something what Rails Reactor is tough in.

They Trust Us with Digitizing their Consumer Services:

Rails Reactor is happy to help discover opportunities for your
Consumer Services. Here are some examples...

Consumer Services, iOS, Android, Web, SMS, Scheduling
Web, Highload, Algorithmic, Search Engines

Development of On-Demand
Consumer Services

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