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Retail & Ecommerce

Ecommerce and Retail

From accounting for billions of stock items across the supply chain to
shiny little apps that show how cosmetics look on your face...

Worldwide Ecommerce will approach or exceed $4 trillion in 2020 vs. an already substantial $2.3 trillion in 2017. Fascinating growth, right? This puts ecommerce at 8% of all retail in the US. Meaning there’s still plenty of room to grow pure ecommerce as well as in store technology.

As one of the largest and fastest hotly competitive growing business areas, this segment continues to adapt and adopt the latest technologies and innovations.

The simplistic ecommerce presentations of years past have evolved into sophisticated interfaces backed up by marketing automation tech. All of this has become available even to smaller retailers, opening up global markets as never before.

For just one example, recent improvements in Drop Shipping and Data Syndication enable anyone to start their Ecommerce businesses without worries as to how to update websites with products and without a need to actually have tangible products in stock. Logistics, Reverse Logistics, product search tech and so very much more allow retailers large and small to become both more efficient and effective.

Selected technical trends in Retail and Ecommerce:

  1. Faster shipping and dropshipping: Shoppers expect their products to be delivered fast. This can mean the next day or even the same day! Most big brands already provide such opportunities and mid-tier players will increasingly be able to do so in 2018.
  2. Omni-Platform and Omni-Device: Today it’s possible to purchase goods without even going to a website or mobile app. Newer touch points include:
    1. social media
    2. chatbots
    3. email
  3. Acceleration of behavioral analytics and deep learning: New approaches in user analytics enable companies to better suggest products to individuals. And to dynamically update the entire list of products of greatest interest to particular consumers.
Retail & Ecommerce
Promotion and Sales Tools
Pursuing the new ways to impress buyers
Continuing their pioneering use of technology, Ecommerce and Retail are pushing back the boundaries of both virtual and physical shopping experiences. This is the case in both user facing offerings and internal data layers. Rails Reactor can help you serve your customers with AR/VR experiences, plus chatbots and phygital, (the physical and digital together), to help with product sales and customer support.
Retail & Ecommerce
Inventory and Flow Tools
Successfully manage Billions of items
Accounting for billions of items, distributed across stocks, retail chains and even borders, might seem as a struggle. (Even more so when they’re sometimes in motion!) However, we have ecommerce and retail accounting tools that enable seamless automation. Reach out to Rails Reactor and discover how we can automate your warehousing, logistics and return merchandise authorization (RMA) efforts.
Retail & Ecommerce
Purchases Tools
Decreasing the costs to consumers
2-day delivery is no longer a differentiating benefit. But for both clicks and bricks retailers of any size, it’s now all but a minimum requirement. Supply chain tools allow all sized businesses to manage their logistics across owned and dropshipped product inventory. If you’re looking to update your logistics capabilities, get in touch

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