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What can Information Technology do for the Healthcare industry? The
answer is no less than help provide for a higher quality of human life.

“U.S. health care spending grew 4.3 percent in 2016, reaching $3.3 trillion.” - Department of Health and Human Services.That’s17.9 percent of GDP. While many industries may have complex ecosystems, perhaps none of this size is also as deeply engaging emotionally and politically as healthcare. And what other industry ties both high touch and high tech so closely together?

Within this diverse industry are many stakeholders. And IT plays an increasingly important role both within individual products and service classes, but also as connective tissue among industry participants.

Patient Care Everywhere
Convenience to Compliance to Effectiveness
Offering caregivers and patients remote monitoring and anywhere access to records opens new opportunities for better evidence based care and assessment. And telemedicine plus better medication compliance reminders via apps or wearables allow for efficient and effective care. Rails Reactor would love to help help you build these tools.
Automating Hospital Processes
Less Time Managing Things Means More Time Caring for Patients
Equipment inventory. Consumable goods and medicines. Staff. Billing. All of these parts coupled with regulatory compliance means massive data, events, inventory flows and complex orchestration; much of which can be automated. Whether it’s pharmaceutical inventory management, records or programming interconnected devices and robots, we’d like to help.
Tools for Laboratory and Clinical Research
Chasing optimal cures
From laboratory results and stakeholder approvals, to clinical trials and setting up mass production... New medications and procedures may involve thousands of tests, large scale human trials with dozens of medical professionals involved over several years at a cost measured in the billions of dollars. Learn how Rails Reactor has helped bring such solutions to market.

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Rails Reactor is happy to help digitize your workforce across hospitals,
patient touch points, researchers and hardware technology.
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