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Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

From complex analytical systems of customer behavior to rich and
vivid models of products, which can be discovered and experienced in
Virtual Reality...

In his book "Hacking Marketing", Scott Brinker points out how more and more software is built for the sake of marketing purposes.

And he’s right. Marketing automation, cross-platform tools, online event triggering, A/Z testing, dynamic automated CRMs, chatbots and big data… All these are designed to develop better insights about your customers and to save tons of work for any marketing team.

Indeed, a modern marketer is a digital professional and most of these online tools were built by marketers who saw opportunities to improve existing and outdated processes. Marketers often see huge business potential behind any technology and will quickly adopt those technologies for the sake of their consumers and businesses.

Marketers use VR to build virtual stores, saving millions on building brick and mortar stores. Marketers automate campaigns to treat every user according to their individual needs and wants. Marketers build tools to share appropriate consumer messaging to social media. Marketers invent machine learning algorithms to predict which users are the most likely to become paying customers.

Marketers build a lot of tools. And a lot of marketing tools bear fruit.

Marketing Tools
Training Autopilots
Since digital marketing requires many routine and repeatable tasks which often depend on timing, it’s wise to automate such things and focus on doing the creative part. That’s where tools like email and newsletter senders, social sharing planners, chatbots and ad targeting algorithms step into the game. They can play a vital role in boosting productivity of growth teams. Rails Reactor is known for the successful delivery of PR outreach tools and B2B Account Based Marketing tool.
Marketing Tools
Data and Analysis
Time-tested Insights
Analysis has always been important to marketing and remains among the more effort intensive tasks in the field. Today, analysis is more complicated and potentially nuanced than ever, and yet an increasingly critical component of marketing. With the growth of advanced digital tools for both data collection and analysis, marketers need experienced data focused partners. Rails Reactor builds tracking technology, data enrichment tools and more to satisfy clients’ marketing analytics needs.
Marketing Tools
Content and Promotion Tools
Delivering experiences that work
Creating and promoting content takes time, money, and creative effort. To deliver winning offer content, marketers need to deliver new experiences, perhaps including augmented and virtual reality experiences. And possibly mixing physical and digital experiences, also known as phygital. If you need improved workflow and content management for your creation tools, get in touch.

They Trust Us building their Marketing Tools

Rails Reactor is happy to help build tools to expand the possibilities of
a modern marketer. Here’re some examples...

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Web, Highload, Algorithmic, Machine Learning

Development of Marketing Tools

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If you’re familiar with the experience of delivering innovative software
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